• Testimonials from Students

    Srinivas Jagan, Analyst in one of the Big 4 Consulting Firms

    Communication is all anyone ever gets paid for ultimately...and if you cannot effectively communicate, you will pay...not get paid!" Doug Firebaugh. Dear Urvashi Ma’m, you are one of the person that flashes my inward eye for being a reason for what I am now. It’s you who taught me the importance of communication. I would like to call you my Guru in the substance of communication for I have learnt from you the essence of it. I am a part of Human Resource team for a top company and it’s not just the talent that taken to be there but talent with no communication is as good as a light without electricity. I would like to thank you for what I am till now and in the times to come. I wish you all the success in enlightening multitude as you have done to me.

    Thank You!


    I wish to take the opportunity to tell you that, I have found the workshop on presentation skills and interview handling to be excellent and certainly it will be useful for me in future. As a management student was looking for improvement in my presentation skills and from this one day session I learnt a lot. I honestly believe that my presentation skill have improved and I really like the term “HOMEWORK” i.e. being well prepared before your presentation that gives you a lot of confidence.

  • Anup Yama, World Rank No. 1 (Yr 2013) Skating

    Prof. Urvashi Baid is a true Mentor, Philosopher and Guide to me and a score of students on whom she has poured her WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE and nurtured us to be great managers. Urvashi Ma'am is an individual full of Hope and and Aspiration, who has the greatest ability to instill these positive qualities into her students and other individuals. She has to her an "AURA OF EXCLUSIVITY". A great Leader, Teacher, Manager and Marketing Guru, She has been a great source of Inspiration for me to achieve my Dream of winning 3 Gold Medals and 2 Bronze Medals at the 13th Asian Roller Skating Championships, a feat which no skater could achieve in one Individual Asian championship. She has been the window to the corporate world to me as she has groomed me into an MBA with all her corporate Experience. Her dedication and determination towards work along with her style of teaching is highly impressive. To put it short, she is an amazing individual, full of hope and aspirations, a great teacher, a winner and a lovely individual.

    Thanks Ma'am for all that you have done for me because if I were to gauge myself under your supervision, I could see myself TRANSFORMING FROM AN INQUISITIVE YOUNG MAN...TO A MAN OF REASONING.