• Emerging Trends in IT 2008

    Understanding the Retail Business & where its taking India. An interactive session with some of the most renowned people from the growing Indian IT Industry. Organized on October 16'2008 at The Taj Banjara, Hyderabad.

    The term IT has ballooned to encompass many aspects of computing and technology, the term IT is more recognizable than ever before.

  • Speakers

    • Mr. Rajesh Rajah Vice President North - Cisco WebEx Technology Group
    • Mr. Roshan Gupta Head of Business North & South India - Polycom (UK) India
    • Mr. Argha BasuVice President, Global MPLS Products - Airtel Enterprise Services
    • Mr. Murali Tirupati Senior Sales Consultant - Oracle India Pvt. Ltd
    • Mr. Amarjeet Singh Mundi IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
    • Mr. Durga Prakash Oracle Practice Head - Yash Technologies

  • Event Summary

    The IT scenario in general has matured tremendously. IT is turning out to be the backbone of Indian Economy. In 2006-2007, India's GDP grew to 9.4% from of 9% during 2005-2006. In this, Information Technology (IT) has undoubtedly been one of the primary drivers. The Indian IT recorded revenues of US$ 52 billion in fiscal 2007-2008, registering a 28% growth. The software services sector too grew by 30% to earn revenue of US$ 41 billion. While the domestic segment grew 26% to register revenues of US$ 11.6 billion.

    IT scenario in India can be viewed from two perspectives. Firstly, Indian IT as an industry that caters to the IT requirements of the world; secondly, the IT deployment within Indian industries. At present, the IT scenario in India is promising and is on the upswing. New solutions and ideologies are being accepted that improve business efficiency. The best thing to happen is that the industry has started viewing it as not an auxiliary arm, but rather an integral part of the business machinery. It has now moved beyond a rigid technology-only focus to drive business growth and create competitive advantage.

    The importance of IT is now being felt by the strategic decision makers of companies. IT is no longer a fancy; but it has become an essential part of office infrastructure. IT has helped in automating business processes and converting them into extremely cost effective money making machines. There are some industries that have created disruptive business models using IT e.g. banks, retail etc. Many other industries are using it as a competitive advantage tool."

    Our seminar on emerging trends in IT aims to provide platform to all such businesses and organization that have been a part of this revolution to discuss the current scenario. In highly interactive sessions from the industry stalwarts it gives a scope of discussion amongst professionals from varied industries how to derive the maximum out of IT and to catch up with the latest trends in the ever changing ever growing technology.